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Thanks for visiting the site. There are so many incredible sites on the web related to music that it has become its own culture. The world has been brought down to a screen size access point. I have found a lot of great sites even though I haven't even gotten close to surfing to the end of the internet. One of my favorite examples of how to do it right is Ulli Boegershausen. Its been a while now since I went to Germany for his workshop but it still remains one of the highlites of my life (especially my musical life). If you would like to see for yourself visit him at:

In any case its a  What a Wonderful World. (Nortune arrangement and performance in open G)

I haven't been teaching much lately but intend to get back to that soon. Maybe I'll do a few refinements to my four volume instruction series:  the "Gospel According To Nortune".  Here are a few pages on Lead and Improvisation.

CD/MP3 Recordings The current Nortune catalog of CD's including fingerpicking and vocal originals. .
Guitar Instruction Manuals Contemporary guitar instruction including: "The Basics",  "Lead and Improvisation",  "Musical Notation", and  "Advanced Musical Structures".
Private Guitar Lessons
 (Evans,GA Area)
Private guitar lessons using  the "first comes the song"  approach.  Every song has at least one good lesson and the student learns what he/she wants to play.    
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