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Guitar: Info, Tabs and Instruction

Harmony Central
A great site for everything musical or  go straight to the tab.

About Guitar
Another excellent site with info and tabs.

Guitar Masters
An excellent site featuring guitarist's profiles and extensive instruction from beginner to advanced. Also includes an extensive guitar links page.

Guitar Site
 Has lots of links to sites related to guitaring.

Renegade OLGA 
Home of the "Ultimate Tab Search".

Dansm's Guitar Page
Actually pages and pages of instruction. 

Gook's Guitar Page
Has a nice sound intro and some good other stuff as well.

Guitar Notes
Just about everything related to guitar.

Recording About Home Recording
This site has a tremendous archive of articles explaining many facets of setting up and getting the most out of a home studio.
inSync from Sweetwater
This recording information site has a glossary of digital recording terminology.  Even though it is vendor sponsored it does not seem to be biased since  Sweetwater sells just about every option.
Computer Music Magazine
The web site is just ok but the Brit mag is great.
Cubase Related After researching for about a year, I chose the Cubase Producer Pac for digital recording. This decision as well as choosing the Yamaha DSP Factory for the recording sound card has proven to be an excellent choice.
Steinberg Cubase and WaveLab
Steinberg is the German company that makes Cubase for multi track and WaveLab for digital audio editing and CD production. These are the main two components of the "Producer Pack". Both have all the options. Cubase has everything and then some including midi, arpeggio generator, automatic accompaniment, scoring, automated mix as well as basic digital audio recording.  
Yamaha DSP Factory
This is not only a sound card with stereo analog and digital inputs but an incredible mixer as well including two onboard effects processors.  The AX-44 expansion unit allows for four more inputs and outputs.
Creative Computing's Sound Blaster Live
This is the super evolved card from the biggest sound card company.  This card has three midi devices as well as connection to your internal CD player. Connected to the DSP Factory digitally, it increases your options extensively. The drawback is the 48k non varying sample rate which means to have the best sound you need to use 48k instead of 44k needed for CD production. WaveLab can convert sample rates.
Excellent site for Cubase information and user forum.
Another excellent site but this one is sponsored by Steinberg.
Cubase Webring
A web ring is a set of sites dedicated to the same topic. This one's for Cubase related stuff.
I'm sure Steinberg wanted this one.
Other Digital Recording Cakewalk
Choose from several different options.
Cool Edit
This is another popular package if you don't need midi.
Music on the Web MP3.COM
The best place to get an understanding of MP3.
Controversial but still around.
A nice legitimate site.
An MP3 search engine. Browse by artist, album or title.
This site has MP3's and a lot more.
Web Radio
Featuring all sorts of formats played right on your PC.