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The Gospel According To Nortune

"The Gospel According to Nortune" is a series of guitar instruction manuals for learning and developing the skills necessary to play contemporary guitar. 

 "The Basics"   includes instruction of such things as fingering technique, fretting, tuning, notes and names, essential chords including open chords, introduction to moveable patterns, and basic bar chords. 

"Introduction to Lead and Improvisation" contains a full range of fretboard patterns and tablatures for improvising and playing lead guitar. The patterns include the major and minor pentatonic scales as well as a full range of diatonic patterns including modes. Also included are several picking technique exercises as well as practice riffs for essential tricks such as hammers, pulls and slides.

"Reading Standard Musical Notation" is an introduction for reading music both for notes and rhythmic duration.  Although not a complete method book, it does provide an excellent first step for the potentially more serious guitarist as well as a framework for learning notation enough to supplement learning tabs that include standard musical notation.  

"Musical Structures" contains a more in depth look at the "tone center" system including the exploration of more complex intervals and scales as well as  more advanced chords.

"The Gospel According to Nortune" is currently available directly from Nortunes:

The full gospel may be purchased at the studio or in person for $25.00 or separately for $10(each).

If purchased by mail add $4.00 shipping and handling totaling $29.00 or $14.00 (each) shipped upon receipt.

Make check payable to Norton Wade.

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