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Heartsfull Town, Panama City and beyond...

Heartsfull Town, Panama City and beyond... is a compilation of 19 original compositions mostly taken from earlier cassette releases.   Except for the sequences, only a few of the songs were mulitracked. Most were performed direct to master.   

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Song List 

1. Panama City Laid Back Sorta like Jimmy Buffet.
2. Midnight Plans Winner of Kentucky Fried  Songwriting Contest 
3. Forever Yours Inspired by an ice cream bar
4. Chitlin' Strut About the Salley, SC festival.
5. Hearts Full Town A nice metaphor.
6. Saluda Truck Stop Dedicated to Mama Leigh
7. Fantasy Come True "A zillion angels dancing on the universe."
8. Catfish Stew Dedicated to grandpa C.L.Battle.
9. Are You The One "The reason for the madness."
10. Civilized Alligator A favorite of many.
11. Champions Every One Dedicated to the Augusta Regatta
12. Grab A Hold To Lovin' Gotta grab something.
13. Lollipop Angel Dedicated to Marisa.
14. Love Me 'Til I Fall Apart Done fallen.
15. No Stoppin' Now Nice lead break.
16. Oh Jimmy A great sax player.
17. Princess Augusta Dedicated to about 100 trips on the boat.
18. Pheramones  Dedicated to pig sweat.
19. Tenderly From a vision beyond the Nortune quadrant.



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