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Nortune Sampler

The Nortune Sampler CD contains sixteen guitar instrumental songs featuring all of the five main tunings that I like to perform and record. 

Nortune Sampler CD

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Song List 

1. Breezin'  Jazz Electric - Standard tuning with sequenced accompaniment. The is a cover of the original George Benson song with a Nortune Improv. 
2. Floge Jazz Acoustic - Open A pattern tuning with original Nortune sequenced midi accompaniment under a  Nortune Improv.  
3. Cop Down Mix Fusion Electric -  Standard tuning with sequenced midi accompaniment under a Nortune Improv. 
4. Fisher's Lament Jazz Electric - Solo electric guitar in standard tuning. This is an original song written as an example of many of the complex chords I teach to intermediate and advanced students. The name comes from a local radio personality who passed the morning I was writing the song.
5. Shenandoah Solo Acoustic - Open A pattern tremolo picking Nortune arrangement of the standard folk song. The sound of two guitars comes from arpeggios being played with the thumb while fast treble thirty second notes are being played with the first, second and third fingers.
6. D minor 1 Solo Acoustic - Open E minor pattern tuning. This was basically an improv around a few minor motifs. The name "D minor" comes from the fact that I tune the sixth and first strings down to "D" to achieve the tuning relationship. This actually goes for "A" pattern tuning which is tuned down to "G". This is the way I do major and minor tunings.  
7. Reflection _07_23_2000 Solo Acoustic - This song is in A pattern tuning using a three sided delay. This song is an improvisation using a Nortune motif. The date is the morning that I did it.  
8. Thinkin' 'Bout You Acoustic guitar with orchestration. This is one of the few songs that I actually wrote using the keyboard. The same song is played later using the solo acoustic guitar only.  
9. Am Sleepers Solo acoustic with spinners effect - The two unusual things about this song which really is an improv of what I call a "minor walk down" motif is that its is in a minor tuning and it uses the strange "spiners" effect of my Roland DEP-5 effects processor. A different version of this song is also on a Nortune CD of all "Open A minor pattern" songs called "Reflections From The Nortune Quadrant". 
10. Allaquandro Solo Acoustic - This song is a Nortune original played in a major key using "Open E minor" pattern tuning. The mode of the minor is Aeolian. I can play this song in this tuning is all three minor modes and connect them together. Its an excellent exercise and uses the cool effect of the full open minor chord in three different places in the song thus producing three different flavors.
11. Lizzard Sooflay Solo Acoustic - This is another morning improv of a motif that just happened one day. The swirling effect is that of a phaser. I used a Fishman pickup instead of a miked acoustic.
12. Nov301999 Solo Acoustic - Like the previous "reflection" song this song is in A pattern tuning using a three sided delay. This song is an improvisation using a Nortune motif. The date is the morning that I did it.  
13. D minor 2 Solo Acoustic - This song a similar to the other "D minor" etude with a slightly different motif. Both of these songs were recorded to my old Teac four channell reel tape deck which in 1980 was nice but way too noisy. Other than that its a nice study in minor tuning. 
14. Thinkin' 'Bout You Solo Acoustic - This is the guitar solo of the previously mentioned song I wrote on the piano.
15. Major Spain Solo Acoustic - This is a Nortune original played in "Open E major pattern" tuning. This song will also eventually be on Nortune's "Mo' Fried Pickin'" CD but it has a nice improvised flourish at the end that landed it a spot in my "best of" catalog.
16. Tenderly_Synth_85 Solo Acoustic - This song in "Open A pattern" tuning is a Nortune classic. This version uses a special "Synth" effect which is number "85" on my Digitech 2120.



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