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Nortune Fried Pickin'

Nortune Fried Pickin' 
Acoustic Guitar Finger Picking

Originally recorded direct to analog master, Nortune Fried Pickin' has been digitally remastered and is now available on CD direct from Nortunes.

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Cover art  by Henry Wynn.
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Recording Notes

These songs were first recorded direct to analog master in 1991 and digitally remastered  in September 1999. 
"Sugar Cat Rag" is in standard tuning. 
"Rachel Ann", "Honey Bit", "Harrisburg Shoe Full", and "Snowbugs" are in open "D" (DADF#AD).
The rest are in open "G" tuning (DGDGBD).
All songs were written by Norton Wade.
Three different hand-made Lo Prinzi guitars were used: each its own key. 
A Shure SM-81 condenser mic was used in 12" proximity.
A Roland DEP-5 effects processor and an Alesis Microverb were used with Roland mostly set on a slight stereo delay. 
Two other effects were used for some variation. 
You may wish to listen with headphones to hear the effects best. 
Please enjoy!
Special thanks for the cover art taken from a detail drawing by Henry Wynn a fine artist as well as a fine picker and friend.

Nortunes Studio
4131 Saddle Horn Drive
Evans, GA 30809
706 855-0129


Nortune Fried Pickin' Song List

1. Rachel Ann Open D Melodic thump
2. Tenderly Open G Soft and dreamy
3. Snowbugs Open D Masterful picking
4. Ole Frog Hollar Open G Medium tempo
5. Honey Bit Open D Up tempo
6. Peace Open G Mellow
7. Sugar Cat Rag Standard Finger thump in "F".
8. I Wonder Why Open G Mellow with interesting chords
9. On The Pike Open G Bluesy but fast
10. Harrisburg Shoe Full Open D Melodic
11. Go Ahead And Dream Open G More dreamy
12. Beyond The Zone Of Fear Open G The reason for the madness
13. On Wisdom's Goldenrod Open G Written at Lake Seneca
14. Pinch Gut Open G String pinch special
15. Jubilation Open G Joyfull



Purchase Nortune Fried Pickin'

The CD is currently available directly from Nortunes:

CD's may be purchased at the studio or in person for $10.00 each.

CD's may be purchased by mail for $10.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling totaling $12.00 shipped upon receipt.

Make check payable to Norton Wade.

Nortunes Studio
4131 Saddle Horn Drive
Evans, GA 30809
706 855-0129