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Nortune - Kaley's Lullaby

Nortune - Kaley's Lullaby is now available on CD direct from Nortunes.  Solo Acoustic Guitar"A gift of sweet songs to my sweet, sweet Kaley, with all my love, "Poopaw".  This incredible project actually started on September 17, 2002 when my precious granddaughter Kaley Jane Hartley was born to my daughter Marisa and Jason Hartley. The CD is dedicated and in honor of Kaley's first Christmas.  The entire CD was produced and recorded between December 21 and December 24, 2002. All of the songs are played in "open G" (A pattern tuning).  

The liner notes also give appreciation and honor to Kaley's other grandparents: the Hamm's (Kathy and Harry) and the Hartley's (Willis and Delores).

I also lift up my wife Kim (Kaley's "Moomaw") for her inspiration and bearing with me when I get focused on a project like this. I also trust her ears as a listener for reality checks as the projects are in progress. She and our puppy "Poopee" are usually the first to hear my songs as they are recorded.

Many of my original songs evolve over a period of weeks, months or even years. "Kaley's Lullaby" poured out over the weekend and was recorded on Christmas Eve as the culmination of a true work of love.    


Kaley's Lullaby CD

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Song List 

All arrangements by Nortune and in "Open G (A pattern)"

Similar to "Sweet G", all songs were recorded direct to my mastering software (Wavelab version 4.0). The signal process begins with a Lo Prinzi LR-50 guitar containing a Fishman Rare Earth dual humbucking pickup going into a Digitech 2120 with stereo output direct to Yamaha AX-44 / DSP Factory combination computer sound card (whew).  At the same time a Shure SM-85 condenser mic into a RANE FMI 14 to the AX-44 provided the acoustical ambience.   Most of the tweaking was done up front.

That I was able to accomplish the recording and production of this CD in such a short time is not only a testimony to the musical talent that God has given me but also to computer based digital technology. I am truly blessed by being able to combine my professional skills working with computers with my musical quest. I would like to offer yet another plug to the  "Wavelab" software. It has opened the door for me doing some things that I would have never been able to do. One of the most remarkable things is that you can actually talk by way of a W.W.W. forum to the main technical person responsible for its development.  From the recording process side I would like to give a special big kudos to Phillippe Goutier (PG on the forum).  His efforts have been an important cog in my wheel.

1.  Kaley's Lullaby - (Nortune)  Like the joy of birthing a baby must be to a momma, such is the joy in my heart of "birthing"  this new song.   You know that a Greater Power is at work.  I do thank God for my talent that He has bestowed upon me and I pray that I will be a good steward. I do have words in mind for this song and possibly one day will be able to make a recording including the words. The main theme that plays in my mind is "Lullaby,  lullaby,  lullaby Kaley's sleeping.  Lullaby, lullaby,  lullaby sleep tonight." 

2.  Wonderful World - (George David Weiss and Bob Thiele)    This is one of my all time favorites and it also has a special story.  One of my students is actually "Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Layman" who is a physician at MCG Heath Care where I work. He is a well known nationally recognized authority on the science of helping with folks who want to have a baby and  have tried but can't quite get there.  Dr. Layman works with Dr. Servi who was Marisa's doctor who helped with our "Kaley" blessing. One day Marisa was in to see Dr. Servi for additional steps in the treatment that was not seeming to work when the doctor came back and informed her of the good news.  About eight and a half months later,... you know that story.  Anyway Dr. Layman had asked me to work with him on a version of "Wonderful World" done by his favorite group the "Grateful Dead".   Somewhere along the way I picked up my "G tuning" guitar and the beginnings of what I thought could be a nice arrangement poured out. The words to the song including "I hear babies cry", made this one a "shoo - in". Thankfully since I had already done some work on it before I was able to pull it off.

3. Peace Lullaby - (Nortune)  This song was originally on "Nortune Fried Picking" and was one of the sweet ones that I had originally thought should be on "Sweet G". Of course "Sweet G" ended up being other folks songs. What a blessing since I am now able to combine that  thought with this one.  As with the other songs this was rearranged and recorded during this session with the "gentle caressing" theme.     

4. Cradle Song (Brahm's Lullaby) - This song actually was in the children's song book I purchased but it was pretty much the only "sweet" one in there. This is what came to mind when Trudy said the word "lullaby". So I guess in a way its the foundation for the whole CD.  I always feel we stand on the shoulders of the giants before us. I give honor to the great masters of the music of our civilization which of course includes Brahm's.  My quest with music and my students is that I can pass something on to them.  It of course would be wonderful that through Marisa or Kaley the Nortune musical thread will continue. 

5. Kate's First Lullaby - (Nortune)  This is named for Kim's youngest daughter Kate whom I love like I do Kaley and Marisa.  Kaley has another lullaby (the second of course) that will probably be on "Mo' Fried Pickin'" whenever I get around to that one.  Kate has a sweet spirit and what can I say, "She's her momma's baby".  And though they don't have lullabies "yet", I love Kim's other two chillrun, Matt and Lauren.

6. Tammy (Traditional) I will give the original composer credits when I find them. I love this song. It is a song from my childhood. Believe it or not I remember going to (of all places) the bowling alley with my step father and this song was on the juke box. That's about forty years ago.  I would look forward to "Tammy" and was glad that someone there who I don't know also liked it. Although I realize I probably have heard it more recently, my arrangement comes from that long ago remembrance

7. Go Ahead and Dream - (Nortune) This is another "sweet" one from "Nortune Fried".

8. Sweet Hour Of Prayer - (Hymn) One of my projects that I have been working on is a CD of my favorite hymns on acoustic guitar.    And so, fortunately I had the chance of working on each of the three hymns over the course of the last year or so.  Marisa and Jason are quite involved in their church in Davisboro where Marisa sings in the choir.  There is much significance to including these hymns both inward and outward as we nurture Kaley and pray for God's blessing to be bestowed on her and her family.  

9. Just As I Am - (Hymn) A beautiful melody with at least eighteen verses sung during "going forward" time at Baptist churches everywhere. Fortunately we also sang it on Sunday evenings at the Methodist Church. As you play this,  you can repeat the words "I come" during the motif introduction and interludes.

10. Jesus Loves Me - (Children's Hymn)  What better way for Kaley to go off into "dreamland" than with "Jesus Loves Me".  This required my most gentle touch. I played this one gently, peacefully and prayerfully.



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